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Инженерная механика от Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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А давайте переведем! :glasses:

Направления инженерной механики от Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

"Mechanical Engineering

Breakthroughs in mechanical engineering have the potential to impact a broad range of industries, technologies, and people. Mechanical engineers at MIT are using acoustics to explore the ocean of one of Jupiter’s moons, developing novel methods to detect precancerous events in the human body, and creating technologies to reduce CO2 and other harmful emissions, expand the utilization of renewable energy and radically change energy and propulsion systems. These and our many other projects reflect the wide-ranging interests of our professors and students – while addressing global needs and concerns.
There are seven principal research areas in the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT, each encompassing several laboratories and academic programs that foster in-depth analysis and experimentation. The research areas and their key subjects of focus are:


Modeling, experimentation, and computation (MMEC) – Advances the formulation of physical and mathematical theories for representing the thermo-mechanical response of natural and engineering materials (solids and fluids) at the nano-, micro-, and macro-scales using modeling, experimentation, and computational methodologies. Develops novel computational tools for the robust design and optimization of the variety of thermo-mechanically coupled processes used to manufacture components and devices from these materials.

Design, manufacturing, and product development

Advances the designs and methods used to manufacture products, from nanopositioning equipment to precision consumer products.

Controls, instrumentation, and robotics

Improves automated systems and the robotic technologies used in medicine and in space and sea exploration.

Energy science and engineering

Fundamental and applied research in thermodynamics; reactive flows and combustion; heat and mass transport; micro and nanotechnologies; batteries, fuel cells and electrochemistry; photovoltaics; off-shore wind energy; engines and transportation; cryogenics; and efficient buildings. Focus on high efficiency low emission systems, CO2 capture and renewable energy.

Ocean science and engineering

Encompasses everything from the study of vortex-induced vibrations to the design of ships and offshore structures.


Develops new technologies to treat and diagnose diseases and disabilities, measure the mechanical properties of cells and molecules, and enhance human-machine interaction.

Nano/micro science and technology

Designs products at the nano and micro scale that have far-reaching applications."

Оригинал смотрим ЗДЕСЬ! :flag:



Да вообще в Штатах круто!

Вот ЗДЕСЬ careercornerstone_org/engtech/disciplines/mechet.htm например еще есть есть перевода:

"Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mechanical engineering technologists help engineers to design, develop, test, and manufacture industrial machinery, consumer products, and other equipment such as robotics. They may assist in product tests -- by setting up instrumentation for auto crash tests, for example. They may make sketches and rough layouts, record data, make computations, analyze results, and write reports. When planning production, mechanical engineering technologists prepare layouts and drawings of the assembly process and of parts to be manufactured. They estimate labor costs, equipment life, and plant space. Some test and inspect machines and equipment or work with engineers to eliminate production problems. They may also work in marketing or sales. A recent mechanical engineering technologist graduate entering industry would most likely aspire to an entry level position in product design, development, testing, technical operations, or technical services and sales.  "

А еще там и список штатовских вузов по технологии машиностроения!




If you have nothing to say, do not say anything! :shine: Админ


Вы здесь » Технология машиностроения - "Мы знаем каждую деталь!" » Введение в специальность » Инженерная механика от Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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